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Essex Porsche Inspections offer a class leading mobile Porsche dedicated Pre Purchase Inspection (Or PPI) service you can rely on.We will go to the vehicle for you at the sellers location,this can be either a Official Porsche Dealer,a Specialist,Independent or indeed a private seller.We have excellent working relationships with many specialist dealers built up over many years this being of advantage to our clients,We offer our Inspection services to you broadly across the South of England The purchase of any car is one of our most important financial investments in life ,even more so with the recent huge rises in values of classic Porsche cars,therefore it is evermore important to make sure you buy wisely and prudently,so even if you are a enthusiast buyer or a classic collector of Porsche cars or indeed someone embarking on their first purchase we at Essex Porsche inspections are here to help you with every step of the journey, Our class leading 230-point pre-purchase inspection covers the car’s basic documentation, body condition(including going over the body with an electronic paint thickness gauge to find any paint repairs, filler damage repairs or concealed corrosion) We also check for any grounding damage, non original modifications, also a mechanical (non-intrusive) inspection of the engine, gearbox, suspension (leaks, perishing deterioration, etc) and the basic function of the electrical systems and accessories. We carry the very latest electronic diagnostics to check for concealed faults inside the vehicles various electronic control units and also we check the all important Over rev stored data an essential insight as to the past history of the car,we can form from this information a good idea as to how the car has been driven.We can also advise if the engines running time corresponds with the indicated mileage covered.
We are happy in addition to the traditional Porsche models to inspect for you,Macan,Cayenne and Panamera however due to the complex electronic systems there is sometime a small increase in our fee.

Essex Porsche Inspections

Essex Porsche Inspections

We check the condition of the interior and compartments in detail, assessing wear and tear, accidental damage and non-function of equipment. We lift the car safely using special jacks and stands to allow us to get right under the car on a variety of surface qualities (and using our own safety mats). We assess any oil leaks, the wear and tear of items such as brakes, tyres and suspension units as well as the cosmetic items such as underbody plastic trim, underseal breaks, etc. If the car is being sold from a non specialist dealer or private seller these items are particularly important. On the later models, we are also particularly sensitive for any visual signs of premature mechanical engine faults paticularly in regard of the M96/7 units. We are well versed in and able to identify early stage symptoms of potential engine unit issues such as bore scoring IMS issues and RMS leaks. We can as an additional service offer a boroscope check or a cylinder leakdown test on earlier cars at our premises however this is quite intrusive and will be at extra cost, We carry full trade motor insurance that covers us to test drive the car to assess its on road performance and ride,please note the cars location sometimes prevents us from checking the cars performance at higher speeds.

We advise on the car’s value and will declare any major or concerning ​ issues  as soon as possible. If there are items that need to be fixed within a  sensible budget, we would also hope to identify these with the objective  of saving you money on the deal. However, it must be said that the  inspection is not a warranty or insurance policy; on any used car it is  possible that latent issues may arise subsequent to the inspection which  were not apparent earlier. As we offer a mobile inspection service -  where we are working for you, rather than the car’s owner - we do not  dismantle major items from the car during the inspection (although we do  take out the front compartment trim to inspect the car’s frontal  structure, etc).  We take photos as we go through it so you have a  better idea of what we are discussing. You get the telephoned bullet  point summary immediately after the inspection, followed by delivery of  the report by email in PDF format (typically within 24 hours). 

This report  benchmarks the quality of the car, hopefully saves you  money in the negotiation process and helps you sell it at a later stage  as a mechanical inspection report is a excellent addition to the  provenance and history of the vehicle . We do an automatic car data  check that includes checks all the usual matching number checks, as well  as any insurance claims and police records. We also show any outstanding finance on the car.Your report includes a check of  national mileage databases. 

 ​If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our  office; our details can be found on the contact us section of the  site.If you require a Porsche inspection out of our area we may still be  able to help you. 

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